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EPA Takes Action to Reduce Exposure to TCE in Art and Crafts Spray Fixatives (04/06/2016)
WASHINGTON -- After the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) assessment of trichloroethylene or TCE showed risk, the sole manufacturer of a fixative product using TCE voluntarily withdrew it from the marketplace. The EPA is now taking action to ensure no other manufacturers including importers enter the marketplace before EPA has the opportunity to prohibit or limit these uses. "EPA commends PLZ Aeroscience Corporation for removing TCE from its arts and crafts spray fixative product," said Jim Jones, assistant administrator for the office of chemical safety and pollution prevention. "EPA is putting into place a level playing field to ensure importers and domestic manufacturers do not re-enter the marketplace before EPA has an opportunity to review."

Two New England Small Businesses Awarded EPA Funding to Develop Environmental Technologies (03/04/2016)
BOSTON -- Two New England small businesses -- one in Connecticut and the other in Massachusetts -- were among eight companies nationwide awarded contracts by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to develop innovative technologies to protect the environment. Precision Combustion, Inc. in North Haven, Conn. and Aspen Products Group in Marlborough, Mass. were each given $300,000 by EPA to develop their projects. Both New England companies as well as the other six funded nationally have received smaller awards in the past from EPA to design the products.

EPA Issues Draft Risk Assessment for Chemical used in Spray Adhesives, Dry Cleaning and Degreasing (03/03/2016)
WASHINGTON -- Today, the U. S. Environmental protection Agency (EPA) released for public comment and peer review a draft risk assessment for 1-Bromopropane (1-BP) used in spray adhesives, dry cleaning (including spot cleaners) applications, and degreasing uses. "This draft assessment will provide workers and consumers with critical information about the risks associated with using 1-BP in these applications," said Jim Jones assistant administrator for the office of chemical safety and pollution prevention. "Public and scientific peer review is an integral piece to ensure we use the best available science in evaluating this chemical."

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