P2 Results

P2 Results

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Regional Highlights

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Air Emissions (includes mobile sources) (Definition)
671,043 Pounds

Energy (Definition)
13,382,860 Kilowatt hours
1,792,750 Therms
416 Gallons
123,060 Kilowatt hour Equivalent

Greenhouse Gases (Definition)
2,182,000 Pounds

Hazardous Materials (Definition)
590,456 Pounds

Hazardous Wastes (Definition)
1,245,312 Pounds

Non Hazardous Materials (Definition)
6,932 Pounds

Solid Waste (Definition)
24,168,748 Pounds

Water Pollution (includes point sources, nonpoint sources, and stormwater) (Definition)
7 Pounds

Water Use (Definition)
378,568,110 Gallons

Total Reduced Operating Costs