P2 Results

P2 Results

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Regional Report

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Activity Measures

Trainings, Workshops, Meetings, Conferences and Roundtables (Definition)
2,391 Attendees

Site Visits (Definition)
181 Visits
8,927 Site Visit Hours

Brief Assistance (Definition)
85 Reponses

P2 Information Developed (Definition)
3 Unique documents developed

P2 Information Distributed (Definition)
964 Documents distributed

Grants Awarded (Definition)
4 Grants awarded
369,165 Total amount of grant, including match

Award Programs (Definition)
28 Applications

Behavioral Changes

Clients Reporting Adoption of P2 policies (Definition)
19 Clients

People Trained in P2 by Clients (Definition)
115 People

Clients Developing Environmental Management Systems (EMS) (Definition)
12 Clients

Clients that have Developed a P2 team (Definition)
4 Clients

Clients Reporting Compliance Improvements (Definition)
49 Clients

Clients Reporting that they Implemented P2 Suggestions (Definition)
210 Clients
178 Suggestions

Clients Reporting increased Awareness and Understanding of P2 Opportunities (Definition)
3 Clients

Outcome Measures

Air Emissions (includes mobile sources) (Definition)
Reduced Releases 
25,000 Pounds (Air Emissions Reduced) 
Other Air Emissions 
372,581 Pounds (Air Emissions Reduced) 
Initial Cost

Energy (Definition)
Reduced Use 
80,638,699 Kilowatt hours (Energy Reduced) 
Natural Gas 
838,871 Therms (Energy Reduced) 
Vehicle Miles 
1,000 Miles (Energy Reduced) 
113,327 Gallons (Energy Reduced) 
Other Fuels 
1,329,000 Kilowatt hour Equivalent (Energy Reduced) 
Initial Cost

Greenhouse Gases (Definition)
7,912,844 Pounds (Air Emissions Reduced) 
4,848 Pounds (Air Emissions Reduced) 
Equivalent to 1,435,008 pounds of CO2 
Initial Cost

Hazardous Materials (Definition)
Reduced Use 
178,284 Pounds 
Reported Savings

Hazardous Wastes (Definition)
Reduced Generation 
457,520 Pounds 
Initial Cost

Non Hazardous Materials (Definition)
Reduced Use 
General Non Hazardous Materials 
1,300 Pounds (Materials reduced) 
Direct Reuse Material 
17,196 Pounds (Materials reduced) 
Initial Cost

Solid Waste (Definition)
Reduced Generation 
3,247,131 Pounds 
Initial Cost

Water Use (Definition)
Reduced Use 
295,479,672 Gallons 
Initial Cost