P2 Results

P2 Results

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Regional Report

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Activity Measures

Trainings, Workshops, Meetings, Conferences and Roundtables (Definition)
3,724 Attendees

P2 Plans (Definition)
261 Facilities participating in P2 planning

Site Visits (Definition)
83 Visits
168 Site Visit Hours

Brief Assistance (Definition)
2,504 Reponses

P2 Information Developed (Definition)
63 Unique documents developed

P2 Information Distributed (Definition)
212 Documents distributed

Web Visitors to Online Information (Definition)
4,202,077 User Sessions
486,152 Page Views (Page impressions)

Award Programs (Definition)
58 Applications

Behavioral Changes

Clients Reporting Adoption of P2 policies (Definition)
261 Clients

People Trained in P2 by Clients (Definition)
100 People

Clients Developing Environmental Management Systems (EMS) (Definition)
36 Clients

Clients that have Developed a P2 team (Definition)
50 Clients

Clients that have Mapped their Process/es (Definition)
10 Clients

Clients Reporting Compliance Improvements (Definition)
44 Clients

Clients Reporting increased Awareness and Understanding of P2 Opportunities (Definition)
57 Clients

Outcome Measures

Air Emissions (includes mobile sources) (Definition)
Reduced Releases 
Toxic Air 
133,461 Pounds (Air Emissions Reduced) 
367 Pounds (Air Emissions Reduced) 
Initial Cost

Energy (Definition)
Reduced Use 
130,453,310 Kilowatt hours (Energy Reduced) 
Natural Gas 
63,737 Therms (Energy Reduced) 
984 Gallons (Energy Reduced) 
Other Fuels 
6,920,339 Kilowatt hour Equivalent (Energy Reduced) 
Initial Cost

Greenhouse Gases (Definition)
82,052,784 Pounds (Air Emissions Reduced) 
Initial Cost

Hazardous Materials (Definition)
Reduced Use 
640,945 Pounds 
Reported Savings

Hazardous Wastes (Definition)
Reduced Generation 
1,185,166 Pounds 
Initial Cost

Solid Waste (Definition)
Reduced Generation 
72,365,881 Pounds 
Initial Cost

Water Pollution (includes point sources, nonpoint sources, and stormwater) (Definition)
Reduced Releases 
287,100 Pounds (Pounds Reduced) 
Initial Cost

Water Use (Definition)
Reduced Use 
202,063,797 Gallons 
Initial Cost