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Frequently Asked Questions

What is social bookmarking?

It is a way to store your bookmarks via the internet, instead of on your local machine. The advantages include:

a) access to your bookmarks whenever you're on the internet, not just when at your computer

b) the ability to search and sort bookmarks by several "tags," which are essentially keywords. This helps you find things when you can't remember where you filed them!

c) Functionality that is very similar to "my favorites" with a left-hand navigation window

d) The power of "many minds" from the P2 community - see what your colleagues think is important - you may find a whole new place to explore!

Which Social Bookmarking site should I use?

We prefer you use delicious. This Social Bookmarking site seems to have the most users in our community of practice and is user-friendly.

What if I use a Social Bookmarking site other than delicious?

If you are already using another Social Bookmarking site (Connotea, My Yahoo!, etc.) that’s great. Just tell us which social bookmarking site you are using and your username. That way we can keep track of your P2TagTeam tags!

Should I import all my bookmarks?

It is entirely up to you. We are just interested in the bookmarks that are relevant to the P2 Community of Practice. If you are planning on using delicious for managing all of your bookmarks, then it is a good idea to import. Please note though that importing takes a little more time and a couple of extra steps.

You can import them all and mark "do not share" or mark them all "share". Alternately, you could import individual folders and decide whether or not you want to share them as you import them.

Time-wise, choose to share or not share based on what you have the most of. If most of your bookmarks are for work, it may be easiest to import them all as "share" and then go back and mark the "personal," "sports" or "shopping" bookmarks, "do not share."

On delicious, you can click on "Tags" (top navigation bar) and then click on a tag (keyword) to see all the links associated with that keyword. You can click on "bulk edit" and "select all" the urls displayed on that screen. You can then mark them, "do not share" and click "OK". You'll see the symbol of a locked padlock next to each address.

Are the bookmarks synchronized?

Yes - all your bookmarks will be instantly accessible both in your Internet Explorer browser and from your bookmarks page on the delicious website. This means that any changes you make to your bookmarks in either location will be synchronized.

Will I see info from others, outside of the P2 community?

You can use delicious.com's search engine to search for anything (personal or professional) you like. If you search within the P2TagTeam's articles, only those articles tagged with P2TagTeam will be available.

Will other tags be applied to my bookmarks?

From your personal view, only the tags you assigned to the bookmarks will be applied to that bookmark. However, when you search for new bookmarks, the most popular tags associated with that bookmark will appear.

What if I tag something as "autobody" and someone else uses, "automotiverepair"?

When you look at that bookmark, the only tag you will see is "autobody". However, when another users looks at that bookmark, they will see the most popular tags associated with that bookmark.

What is the inbox feature?

This is where you can receive bookmarks from other Delicious users. Your Inbox is not visible to other users. The Inbox link, which is at the top of all pages on Delicious, shows the number of new bookmarks that you have received.

To send a bookmark to another user who's part of your Network, you can click the "for:auser" tag provided for you when saving a bookmark, or you can type "for:auser" directly for anyone (in your Network or not). Sending a link within Delicious can be easier and quicker than email or instant messaging, and your friend or coworker will have a permanent copy of the link that's easy to add to their own bookmarks.

When you tag a bookmark with "for:auser" , only you will be able to see that tag, even though the whole bookmark may be public.

How do I search for tags on www.delicious.com?

Go to www.delicious.com. On the upper navigation, click the arrow next to "Tags" for the drop down menu. Click "Explore". In the box that says "type a tag", type "P2TagTeam" or any tag of your choosing. Once you have searched that tag, your results will appear. You can further refine your search by typing in another tag in the "type another tag" search field.

View the delicious steps powerpoint [PDF]