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Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Name: Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Division: Hazardous Waste
Profile: The DEQ is authorized by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate hazardous waste in Oregon. Proper hazardous waste management is an integral part of protecting Oregon's land, air, and water systems. The DEQ strives to enforce existing environmental regulations; identify management strategies that emphasize sound science and engineering; and work in partnerships with private industry and governmental groups to provide assistance and regulatory flexibility, while at the same time reducing pollution.
Address: 811 SW Sixth Ave.
Portland, OR
Phone: 503-229-5696
HotLine: 800-452-gon)
Fax Number 503-229-6124
Contact Person: Department Director


Educational Institutions, Non-profit Organizations


Pollution Prevention, Waste Management


Internet, Research

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State Government