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King County Local Hazardous Waste Management Program
Name: King County Local Hazardous Waste Management Program
Profile: The mission of this program is to protect and enhance public health and environmental quality in King County by helping citizens, businesses and government reduce the threat posed by the use, storage and disposal of hazardous materials. The program maintains hotlines and resources for household hazardous waste questions, provides hazardous waste information and services to small businesses, provides educational opportunities for students, and more.
Address: 130 Nickerson Street, Suite 100
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-296-3976
Fax Number 206-263-3070
Contact Person: Program Director


Administrative Agencies, Educational Institutions, Industrial Organizations, Non-profit Organizations, Small Business


Environmental Policy, Pollution Prevention, Recycling, Waste Management


Grants in Aid, Internet

Program Types:

Local Government