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Name: Environmental Protection Agency Region 2
Division: Pollution Prevention Team
Profile: EPA Region 2's Pollution Prevention (P2) Team promotes natural resource conservation and pollutant elimination/reduction through more efficient use of materials, energy, water and land. P2 efforts are integrated into a wide range of EPA Region 2 activities, including partnership programs, compliance assistance, and enforcement activities. The Region also manages the P2 Grants program for Region 2 states and tribes.
Address: 290 Broadway
New York, NY
Phone: 212-637-3754
Contacts: Karen O'Brien   212-637-3754
Alex Peck   212-637-3758


Consumers, Educational Institutions, Industrial Organizations, Non-profit Organizations, Small Business


Compliance, Conservation of Natural Resources, Pollution Prevention, Process Modification, Technology Transfer, Water Conservation


Grants in Aid, Hotlines, Information Services, Internet, Workshops

Program Types:

Federal Government