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EPA Region 6
Name: EPA Region 6
Division: Pollution Prevention Program
Profile: Pollution Prevention Coordination for Region 6 provides support for innovative pollution prevention projects under Pollution Prevention Grants (PPG) and Set Aside Pollution Prevention funding. Prevention at the source is key in any project being considered for funding. Key prevention programs include Pollution Prevention (P2), Environmental Management Systems, Performance Track, Energy Star, WasteWi$e. Though these programs are presented as Regional, they are a collaborative effort between EPA, our state environmental agencies, and especially our partners in industry, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and trade associations who have made these efforts and the case studies a success.
Address: 1445 Ross Ave
Suite 1200
Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-665-6431
Contacts: David Bond   214-665-6431
Annette Smith   214-665-2127


Administrative Agencies, Consumers, Educational Institutions, Industrial Organizations, Non-profit Organizations, Small Business


Compliance, Environmental Management (ISO 14000), Environmental Policy, Permits, Pollution Prevention, Waste Management


Awards, Grants in Aid, Information Services, Internet

Program Types:

Energy Efficiency Program, Federal Government