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Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Name: Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Division: Pollution Prevention Services
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Profile: Pollution Prevention Services coordinates and manages pollution prevention on-site technical assistance and P2 information for large business and industry, institutions, and government. Assistance is provided through on-site assessments, a nationally recognized Pollution Prevention Intern Program, environmental management systems assistance, and workshops and training.
Address: 502 E. 9th Street
Wallace State Office Building
Des Moines, IA
Phone: 515-281-5353
Fax Number 515-281-8895
Contact Person: Jeff Fiagle - Team Leader   515-281-5353


Educational Institutions, Industrial Organizations


Conservation of Natural Resources, Cost Accounting, Energy Auditing, Environmental Management (ISO 14000), Materials Exchange, Pollution Prevention, Process Modification, Recycling, Waste Management, Water Conservation


Assessment, Information Services, Intern Programs, Internet, Library, Site Assessments, Workshops

Program Types:

Energy Efficiency Program, Materials Exchange, State Government