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South Dakota Dept of Environment and Natural Resources
Name: South Dakota Dept of Environment and Natural Resources
Profile: The Department of Environment and Natural Resources provides source reduction technical assistance and information to the agricultural sector and rural communities. Other program initiatives provide assistance and information to small and mid-sized businesses and manufacturers. The program works through internal and external partners to deliver source reduction strategies to the state's citizens. Internal project partners include DENR's media programs and the Dept. of Agriculture. External partners include South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service, School of Mines and Technology, resource conservation and development districts, municipalities, and trade associations.
Address: Joe Foss Building, 523 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD
Phone: 605-773-4254
Fax Number 605-773-4068
Contact Person: Barry McLaury   605-773-5859


Educational Institutions, Non-profit Organizations, Small Business


Pollution Prevention


Internet, Research

Program Types:

State Government