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Environmental Protection Agency
Name: Environmental Protection Agency
Division: Waste Management - Pollution Prevention Program
Profile: EPA's pollution prevention programs are a set of voluntary initiatives designed to facilitate the incorporation of pollution prevention concepts and principles into the daily operations of government agencies, businesses, manufacturers, nonprofit organization.
Address: 75 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415-972-3287
Fax Number 415-947-3530
Contacts: John Katz   415-972-3283
Wendi Shafir   415-972-3422
Jessica Counts-Arnold   415-972-3288


Administrative Agencies, Educational Institutions, local governments, Non-profit Organizations


Air Monitoring, Community Development, Compliance, Conservation of Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, Pollution Prevention, Product Development, Recycling, Waste Management, Water Conservation


Awards, Grants in Aid, Information Services, Intern Programs, Internet, Research, Workshops

Program Types:

Federal Government