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Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Name: Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Profile: As Arizona grows, so does the generation of hazardous waste and the use of toxic substances. One very good way for businesses and citizens to improve Arizona's environment (air, water, land) is to reduce hazardous waste generation and to reduce the use and release of toxic substances. This is the purpose of the Pollution Prevention (P2) Program: 1. Reduce the use of toxic substances in our state. 2. Emphasize the preference for source reduction over recycling, waste treatment or disposal. 3. Encourage reduction through use of methods such as: Substitution with a less toxic chemical; Product reformulation; Process modification; Improved housekeeping; Recycling/Reclamation; and Conservation and Waste Minimization. Our pollutant source reduction extends to: 1. Hazardous waste 2. Toxic Chemicals on EPA's TRI List The pollution prevention concept includes the need to reduce without shifting the pollutant release between land, water or air.
Address: 1110 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 602-771-4235
Fax Number 602-771-4538
Contacts: Farah Mohammadesmaeili - Environmental Engineering Specialist   602-771-2350
Linda Mariner - Manager   602-771-4294


Small Business


Air Monitoring, Community Development, Conservation of Natural Resources, Environmental Law, Permits, Pollution Prevention, Quality Control (ISO 9000), Water Conservation


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