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Name: Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network -- Hospitality Topic Hub
Profile: The Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network (WSPPN) is a cooperative alliance of pollution prevention (P2) programs throughout EPA Region 9 (Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Trust Territories, and Tribal Lands). The network serves as a technical resource for regional P2 issues through researching, consolidating, and disseminating P2 information. WSPPN is part of a national network of EPA funded regional information centers called the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx) that increase P2 effectiveness by providing P2 programs with timely, accurate and useful information and resources.
Address: 6100 Neil Road
suite 400
Reno, NV
Phone: 775-834-3675
Contacts: Donna Walden   775-689-6678
Donna Walden   775-834-3675


Administrative Agencies, conservation organizations, Consumers, Educational Institutions, Industrial Organizations, local governments, Non-profit Organizations, Small Business


Management, Marketing, Pollution Prevention, Recycling, Waste Management, Water Conservation


Awards, Information Services, Internet, Research, Workshops

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Educational Institution