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Name: California Department of Toxic Substances & Control -- Vehicle Service and Repair Program
Profile: More than 31,000 vehicle service and repair shops exist in California. Individually, these businesses do not generate a lot of hazardous waste, but collectively they represent a significant source of pollution. This resource provides good information to auto repair shops in CA in pollution prevention and in compliance. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 806 Sacramento, CA 95812-0806 Contact: Natalie Marcanio Contact Phone: 1-800-700-5854
Address: P.O. Box 806
Sacramento, CA
Phone: 800-700-5854
Contacts: Natalie Marcanio   800-700-5854
Andre Algazi   916-324-3114
Valetti Lang
Renee Roberts  x4819
Evelina Rayas