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EU launches consultation on limited use of mercury (08/19/2014)
BRUSSELS, Aug. 19 (Xinhua) -- The European Commission has launched an online consultation on issues related to the usage of mercury, it was announced Tuesday. The consultation will mainly focus on areas such as the import restrictions for metallic mercury from non-parties, an export ban for certain products containing mercury and mercury use in products and processes not yet placed on the market. The consultation provides interested citizens, public authorities, businesses and NGOs with a concise and clear understanding of the elements above and asks them for their views.

Fighting global air pollution (08/13/2014)
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration, Clean Air Asia, and the Bay Area and South Coast Air Districts have formed the Cities Clean Air Partnership. This is the first major clean air certification and partnership program to encourage air quality protection in cities across the Asia Pacific region.

TURA Program Celebrates 25 Years (08/11/2014)
Twenty five years ago, the Massachusetts legislature passed landmark legislation - the Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA). Today, the TURA Program is considered a model environmental policy by other states and countries. The program's success is due, in large part, to the dedicated professionals who are Toxics Use Reduction Planners. TUR Planners continue to help companies reduce toxic chemical use and costs, improve the health and safety of workers and the public and support the competitiveness of Massachusetts businesses. The TURA Program gratefully recognizes TUR Planners this 25th anniversary year.

Humans have tripled mercury levels in upper ocean (08/07/2014)
Mercury levels in the upper ocean have tripled since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and human activities are to blame, researchers report today in Nature1. Although several computer models have estimated the amount of marine mercury, the new analysis provides the first global measurements. It fills in a critical piece of the global environmental picture, tracking not just the amount of mercury in the world's oceans, but where it came from and at what depths it is found.

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