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Profile of the Aerospace Industry

Provides information on processes, relationships with support industries, pollution outputs, pollution prevention opportunities and environmental regulations.

Environmental Protection Agency


Paints and Coating Resource Center

This web site provides information for facilities that use paints and coatings to finish a product.

Environmental Protection Agency


Fact Sheet: Waste Reduction in the Aerospace Industry

Provides a quick bullet list of pollution prevention opportunities for facility modifications, electronic and final assembly, painting and plating, machining and printed circuit board fabrication.

Virginia Waste Minimization Program


Cleaner Production - Methylene Chloride Paint Stripping Process - Intrepid Industries Pty Ltd

Provides information on a Replacing a methylene chloride based paint stripping process with a pyrolysis process.

Environment Australia


Joint Service Pollution Prevention Handbook

Provides access to pollution prevention technology descriptions for processes investigated by the armed forces.

Joint Group on Pollution Prevention


Biochemical Cleaning Solvents

Provides information on successful solvent alternatives which are derived wholly or in part from biochemicals.

Institute for Local Self-Reliance


Canadian Success Stories - Allied Signal Aerospace Canada

Provides information on the use of alternative de-icing products.

Environment Canada


Aircraft Depainting Technology

Provides an overview of the development of non-hazardous replacements for chemical paint stripping.

Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program


A Primer On Waterborne Coatings

Provides issues to consider when switching from solvent based coatings to water based coatings.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources


Pollution Prevention Opportunities for Painting and Coatings Operations

Provides descriptions of the spray coating technologies availabe to reduce the generation of pollution.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection


Pollution Prevention Tips for Spray Painters

Provides practical tips for spray painters to increase their transfer efficiency.

Georgia Pollution Prevention Assistance Program


Guide to Cleaner Technologies - Organic Coating Removal

Describes depainting processes that have less of an environmental impact.

Environmental Protection Agency


Paint Removal

Provides information reducing the use of chlorinated solvents through alternative paint removal processes.

Environmental Protection Agency


DOD Report - Paint Stripping Methods

An evaluation on the cost effectiveness of mechanical methods of paint stripping

U.S. Air Forceaircraft compared to chemical methods.


Bicarbonate Of Soda Stripping

Technical review on the use of bicarbonate of soda as a blast media for removing paint.


Plastic Media Blasting

Technical review on the use of plastic as a blasting media to remove paint.

U.S. Navy


Paint Waste Reduction - Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems

Provides information on how Lockheed Martin revised their methods for mixing multi-component paints for touch-up and small parts application to reduce waste paint.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources


Solvent Elimination at Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems

Provides information on replacement of solvent parts washers with aqueous parts washers to eliminate the safety concerns, reporting requirements, and costs associated with solvent use.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources


Aqueous Cleaning - Technology Review

Identifies key issues in switching to water based cleaning systems.

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center


No-Clean Technology Review

Technical review investigates no-clean approaches focused on one specific application: no-clean applications for soldering in electronics assembly.

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center


Metal Painting and Coating Operations

Provides detail on processes involved in the finishing of products and pollution prevention opportunities to mitigate environmental impacts.

Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable


National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF)

An international, individual-membership, non-profit professional society focusing on the science of technology advancement of surface finishing.

National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF)


Machine Shop Finds New Uses For Aerospace Technology

This aerospace supplier designs and manfuctures tooling directly from a CAD model, saving on time and materials.  They also use vacuum bagging instead of open molding for fiberglass manufacturing.

Modern Machine Shop (MMS Online)


A Guide for Fiberglass Operations

This guide provides information on fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) processes, environmental impacts, pollution prevention technologies and best management practices.

Washington State Department of Ecology


Analysis of Pollution Prevention Investments. Using Total Cost Assessment:. A Case Study in the Metal Finishing Industry

Demonstrates Total Cost Assessment (TCA) as an effective decision tool for evaluating the costs and benefits of pollution prevention investments in metal finishing. Compiled by Causing, Jensen, Haynes, & Marquardt.

Pollution Prevention Resource Center


CleanerSolutions Database

Search for a tested alternative chemistry to replace your current solvent cleaner. Optionally, you can add contaminant, substrate and equipment criteria to narrow your search.

Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute


Pollution Prevention Meausres for the Aerospace Industry

Comprehensive, 5-page checklist of actions to reduce toxics, waste, pollution, energy, and water in the aerospace industry.

Pinellas County


Rule and Implementation Information for the Aerospace Industry, Proposed and Promulgated Rules (Subpart GG) - National Emission Standards for Aerospace Manufacturing and Rework Facilities



Technology Evaluation for Environmental Risk Mitigation (TEERM) Principal Center at NASA

Identifies and validates sustainable P2 technologies through joint activities that enhance NASA mission readiness and reduce risk while minimizing duplication and costs.  Wealth of reports and documents.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


Recovery of Powdered Metal Eliminates Hazardous Waste

Standard Aero repairs and overhauls turbine engine and accessories.  They overhaul facility identified a vendor to recycle their plasma overspray (over 20,000 pounds/yr) and recover valuable metals.

Tennessee pollution prevention Partnership


How the Aerospace Industry is Facing the Lead-free Challenge

The Lead-free in Aerospace Project-Working Group released a white paper on EU directives that banned certain chemicals and compounds crucial to electronic equipment and aerospace production. Report summarizes guidelines and standards to meet the challenges of the EU rules.

Aerospace Industries Association


Source Reduction for Prevention of Methylene Chloride Hazards: Cases from Four Industrial Sectors

Investigated four cases of source reduction for Massachusetts companies that had used methylene chloride, an occupational carcinogen, for cleaning and adhesive thinning.

Environmental Health


Pratt & Whitney Achieved 17% Reduction in Carbon Emissions

Pratt & Whitney (leader in design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines) achieved 17% carbon emission reduction via comprehensive compressed-air leak detection, redirection of wash water, a machine shut-off program, and lighting upgrades.  

Maine Department of Environmental Protection


Do you paint military aircraft  or support equipment?

An Environmental Quality Facts Sheet for the Navy provides ways to identify opportunities in improving painting processes. The fact sheet also suggests methods that will reduce pollution and save money.

Department of the Navy Environmental Program


Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative

Consortium of airlines, aircraft/engine manufacturers, energy producers, researchers, international participants and agencies, exploring the use of alternative aviation fuels.




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