Reg Integration Topic Hub - Background and Overview

What is Regulatory Integration?

  • Regulatory integration is the incorporation of pollution prevention (P2) principles into existing core environmental regulatory programs.
  • Regulatory integration focuses on pollution prevention rather than pollution control to improve environmental conditions.
  • Regulatory integration seeks to include P2 as a part of the natural evolution of existing programs, not a new and additional task.

Did You Know?

  • In the early 1990s, State P2 programs mainly provided non-regulatory assistance to industry. Many of those same State P2 programs are now focused on modifying regulatory programs in their state.
  • Regulatory integration of pollution prevention looks beyond compliance for opportunities to improve environmental protection in traditional media specific, end of pipe regulatory programs.
  • Incorporating pollution prevention into regulatory activities will change the focus from the control of waste and emissions after they have been generated to elimination of waste and emissions at the source before they are ever generated.


The Topic Hub is a product of the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2RX)
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