P2Rx™ Centers maintain national and regional topical listserves and archives. P2 Technical assistance providers can participate in discussions or do research using the archives.

National Listserves

Pollution Prevention Technical Assistance (P2Tech)
An information-sharing forum for pollution prevention technical assistance providers. Discussions of pollution prevention solutions to technical and engineering problems. Contact[email protected]
(P2 Tech Archives)

P2 Results Task Force (P2_Results)

An information exchange forum for members of the P2 Results Task Force to enhance collaboration among P2 programs in collecting and compiling useful measurement data for the National P2 Results System. The P2 Results Task Force is comprised of representatives from state and local P2 programs, EPA Headquarters and Regions, P2Rx Centers, and the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR). P2_Results is a closed discussion list. To subscribe, send a blank message with "subscribe" (no quotes) in the subject line to: [email protected]

Pollution Prevention & Compliance Assistance Measures
The purpose of this list is to provide an open forum for the posting and discussion of information relating to P2 and compliance assistance metrics and the P2 & CA Metrics software tool developed by NEWMOA. List members are individuals who are involved in developing and using P2 & CA metrics and those implementing NEWMOA’s P2 & CA Metrics software application. To subscribe send a blank message with "subscribe" (no quotes) in the subject line to: [email protected].


Mercury Policy, Legislation, and Regulations
The purpose of this listserve is to provide a forum for posting news items and announcement and facilitating discussion is issues related to mercury policy, legislation, and regulations. List members are individuals at federal, state, tribal, and local government agencies that are activity involved in mercury issues and topics and who want to connect with others around the country and share information and ideas. Any discussion related to mercury policy, legislation and regulations is appropriate.

Integrated Chemicals (Integrated_Chemicals)
The purpose of this national listserv is to function as an information exchange forum for state, local, and federal officials and others on data and information on environmental health and safety aspects of chemicals, as well as regulatory and policy topics. Any discussion related to policies and regulations of chemicals is appropriate for this list. Integrated_Chemicals is an open discussion list; to subscribe send a blank message with "subscribe" (no quotes) in the subject line to: [email protected].

Craft Brewer's Environmental Listserve
Fostering environmental best practice sharing within the industry. To join  the listserve, send an email to: [email protected].



Regional Listserves
Regions 1 & 2
Northeast Pollution Prevention and Sustainability Roundtable
The purpose of this closed listserv is to provide a forum for programs in the northeast to post news items and announcements and facilitate discussions on issues related to environmental and compliance assistance and pollution prevention.
Regions 3 & 4
North Carolina state-wide listserv for state agencies and local government employees to discuss sustainability efforts and opportunities, and stay informed about meetings, workshops, and events. To subscribe or learn more, visit NcprojectGreen.
Region 5
Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (roundtable)
Information relevant to members of the Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable including upcoming activities and conferences. 
Region 6
Pretreatment Programs
A professional environmental group for discussions of pretreatment issues in EPA Region 6 - Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Many of the members also participate in the national pretreatment list serve.
  Region 6 Roundtable
If you are interested pollution prevention events, ideas, or need to ask for help with a P2 issue this is a great list serve. Participants come from New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma and the Southwest Pollution Prevention Roundtable.
Region 7
P2 Corner Google Group
Region 8
Region 8 Pollution Prevention Listserve
This listserve is provide assistance to the business community and individuals in Region 8, including state and local governmental agencies, educational institutions, non-profits, tribal agencies, and county extension agents. The listserve is to stimulate discussion about regionally interesting and pertinent pollution prevention related topics and facilitate partnerships among agencies undertaking similar efforts.
Region 9

Region 9 P2 Mailing List (P2 Listserve)
The Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network is a cooperative alliance of pollution prevention (P2) programs throughout EPA Region IX.  The listserve  focuses on regional P2 issues through researching, consolidating, and disseminating P2 information. The WSPPN listserve increases P2 effectiveness by providing P2 programs with timely, accurate, and useful information and resources.

Region 10
Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center E-Newsletter
Monthly news news from PPRC as well as updates on local pollution prevention innovations, regulations, and trends.