Topic Hubs

Topic Hubs™ are web-based guides to peer-reviewed pollution prevention information and expertise on a particular subject.

Manufacturing processes used in aerospace industry

Auto Repair
Material inputs and wastes produced in the automotive repair industry

Biotechnology Labs

Climate Change
This hub discusses the connection between pollution prevention and climate change.

Craft Brewing
Pollution Prevention information in the craft brewing sector.

Dry Cleaning
Pollution Prevention opportunities, alternate technologies, regulatory review, and description of operations of dry cleaning

Economic Incentives
Information and examples where economic incentives can be implemented in pollution prevention

Environmental Management Systems for Small to Medium Enterprises (manufacturers with less than 500 employees)

Environmental Management Accounting
Analysis of environmental cost information for effective decision-making

Environmental Measurement
Measuring the effectiveness of environmental practices

Fiberglass Fabrication
Key processes and raw materials used in the manufacture of fiberglass reinforced products

Green Procurement
The impact purchasing decisions have on the environment

Hospital Sterilizers

Waste streams of facilities that provide lodging or short-term accommodations and meals for travelers

Household Hazardous Materials
Consumer products that contain substances harmful to human health or the environment

Lead Sinkers

Lean and Environment (and E3)
A systematic approach of integrating lean production, workforce development, energy efficiency, and pollution prevention - to identify and eliminate waste (non-value-added) in manufacturing and services

Marinas & Small Boat Harbors
Services and activities carried out at facilities that rent slips to tenants

Information, regulations, health effects of Mercury in consumer products and the environment

Handling, recycling, disposal of mercury thermometers and the use of alternatives

Alternatives to mercury-thermostats, recycling options, regulatory requirements

Metal Finishing
Application of paints and coatings to metal surfaces through mechanical, spray, chemical bath, electro-deposition

Paint & Coating Manufacturing (Liquid)
Manufacture of house paints, industrial coatings, special purpose coatings, and other liquid paint and coating products

Pollution Prevention (P2)
Strategies for reducing the use of toxic substances, eliminating hazardous waste, and conserving water and energy

Pollution Prevention (P2) Internships

Safer Chemical Alternatives
A compilation of information, tools, case studies, and resources for identifying alternative chemicals and products, and reducing the use and impact of toxic chemicals and materials.

Semiconductor Manufacturing
Information about technologies and operating practices that reduce energy, water, hazards, quantities and costs of waste and inefficiencies in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Ship Building & Repair
Common shipyard processes and operations and their impact on the environment

Opportunities for pollution prevention in the winery sector.

Archived Topic Hubs

Agricultural Teaching Labs
Agricultural and vocational teaching labs

Auto Body
Key processes, materials used, wastes produced in auto body facilities

Auto Salvage-Great Lakes Region
Operations occuring in auto salvage shops and introductions to pollution prevention

Clean Snowmobiles
Key processes of snowmobile industry and wastes produced

Community Growth
Common issues relating to community growth and its environmental impact

Construction Science Education
Curriculum materials and resources designed for teacher use in the classroom

Information, regulations, health effects of dioxin in consumer products and the enviroment

Electric Utilities
Pollution prevention and energy efficiency information for coal-fired and gas-fired electric generation plants

Electronic Waste
Alternatives to incineration or landfills in disposing of electronic equipment

EMS in Government
Description of benefits government entities might consider prior to moving to EMS production

Energy Efficient Schools and Students

Environmental Mentoring (Archived, No Longer Updated)
Partnerships reap environmental benefits by sharing resources, knowledge, and support

Food Service
Wastes generated from food services operations and the environmental regulations that apply

Industrial Composting

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Schools
Effective and environmentally sensitive approaches to pest management at schools

Information, regulations, health effects of lead in consumer products and the enviroment

Meat Processing
Economic and environmental information related to meat processing operations

Sources of mercury in automobiles, alternatives, recycling options, regulations

Sources of mercury waste in dental offices

Mercury-Health Care
Typical sources of mercury waste in medical institutions

Sources of mercury waste in schools

Metal Fabrication & Machining
Processes involved in the manufacture of complex metal parts and their environmental impact

Oil and Gas
Material inputs, processes used, and wastes produced in drilling, oil and gas production, and pipeline operations

P2 and Environmental Security
Introduces security topics and issues in an environment context with P2 opportunities

Pollution Prevention (P2) for Consumers

Pollution Prevention for Arts Education
A quick guide on essential P2 in Arts Education and a compilation of pertinent on-line references/resources

Pork Production
Options for improving animal waste management for pork producers including methane recovery, thermochemical conversion, constructed wetlands, and composting

Managing wastes produced by flexographic printing process

Managing wastes produced by lithographic printing process

Product Stewardship (Archived, No Longer Updated)
Product Stewardship

Public Lands
Application of pollution prevention to reduce environmental and economic impacts in public land management

Publicly Owned Treatment Works
P2 information and resources for Publicly Owned Treatment Works

Regulatory Integration
Incorporation of pollution prevention (P2) principles into existing core environmental programs

Residential Construction
Green building practices for builders, designers, architects

Ski Areas
Environmental factors and trends influencing year-round on-mountain ski area operations

Sustainable School Design

Technology Diffusion
Concepts of technology diffusion and related concepts, factors involved in adoption or rejection of innovations

Major production steps in the manufacture of textile goods

Wood Furniture Manufacturing
Steps in pollution prevention for wood furniture manufacturing

Youth Education
Methodologies for teaching environmental literacy