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Wendi Shafir, Green Hospitality Program Coordinator for the US Environmental Protection Agency Pacific Southwest Region said: “The hospitality industry has a large environmental footprint in terms of resources including energy, water and materials. Many hotels and chains have successfully reduced their energy and water consumption through a variety of initiatives such as installing energy efficient lighting, switching to an ozone laundry system, composting and recycling and at the same time improved their hotel's bottom line. The National Sustainable Lodging Network offers an opportunity to share successes and best practices with others in the industry who embrace similar goals.”

With an ever-increasing concern about the ozone layer, the rapid consumption of a dwindling fossil fuel supply, the rising cost of energy, and our planets future as a whole, going green is no longer just an option for the hospitality industry, it's a necessity. Hotels that fail to address energy conservation, waste reduction, good resource management practices, recycling, and the use of renewable resources will most likely find it difficult to survive in an ever-growing green movement. This section represents an approach to hospitality operations management from an environmental perspective. From the moment a client walks into a hotel to the time the client checks out, the quality of management in operations will likely determine if that client will ever return. Hotel operations determines what a client sees feels, smells, and in some cases, hears during his/her stay. The information contained in this section provides general information on how to establish a "green program" in a hotel. The operational areas of focus are located below:

Energy Conservation

Water Conservation

Environmental Preferable Purchasing

Greening Meetings And Conferences


Integrated Pest Management



Office Supply


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